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Chillin' on a Summer Afternoon

Chillin' on a Summer Afternoon

as appeared in Alberta Prime Times Wednesday July 6, 2022

Author: Alison Phillips/Monday, July 11, 2022/Categories: New Products, Staff Picks, Uncategorized, Gift Ideas, Blog, Wine, Edmonton PrimeTime

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It’s not unusual in Europe to see people relaxing on blankets or sitting at picnic tables enjoying summer days with a bottle of wine or sipping on cold beer in public parks.  It’s civilized, and no one raises an eyebrow or thinks twice about it.

Here in Alberta, the practice of drinking alcohol in public parks has been illegal.  However, this summer, Edmonton is conducting a pilot project allowing alcohol consumption at some picnic sites around the city.  Great news, providing it’s not abused.

When enjoying beverages outdoors on a hot day, keeping them cool can be a challenge.  Sure, you can drag a big ice chest, or cooler filled with ice with wine and beer inside, but if you’re out on a hike with a backpack and want to stop and enjoy a cold beverage, what do you do?

Chilling the beverages until cold prior to heading out is advised,  Then, use ice packs, or the flexible ice sleeves (that have also been kept cold) around the bottles or cans wrapped in a tea towel in your backpack. This also serves to keep the lunch your taking chilled too! Ice sleeves can be purchased in wine stores, some grocery stores and hardware stores, or of course, online.

In the backyard, the old-fashioned ice bucket still works!   Using any vessel you like, from a sand pail, to a Home Depot orange painting bucket, to a proper silver bucket, or for a larger crowd even a child’s inflatable swimming pool can work filled with some cold water and plenty of ice.   I’ve seen repurposed bird baths, small boats, wheelbarrows, old barbeques, bathtubs, toilets (yes!) and other vessels used for ice buckets.  Place the bottles or cans deep into the ice and your beverages will stay good and frosty.

There are wine chilling devices you can purchase that are kept in the freezer and when needed, take them out and plunge it into the wine bottle (after pouring the first half glass to allow for displacement). These work well and can remain in the bottle on a table for as long as you’re drinking that wine.

For long drinks or cocktails that require ice, we suggest buying ice cube trays in different shapes. Ice cubes in long drinks melt fast.  You can find ice trays that have long straw-like shapes that sit vertically in a tall glass well.  Big, round, globe like ice cubes are great for shorter drinks that require chilling with very slow melting ice.  Some are even shaped like small boats – for that Gin and Tit(a)onic!

For whisky lovers who still drink their drams in the summer and prefer them chilled, whisky rocks made of soap stone or neutral metals work great.  Keep them in the freezer and pop them in your drink before service.  They rinse off for re-use.

Double walled acrylic glasses that you store in the freezer are great for casual sipping, and now there’s even coasters to put your glass on that will keep that drink chilled.  You can spend a lot of money on fancy electric chilling devices if you want, but most of the afore mentioned ideas are economical, practical and uncomplicated.

However you choose to enjoy cold drinks outside this summer, get out, explore some new parks, pop in and try a tasty new white or Rose or Lambrusco  wine to chill, and stay cool. 


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