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Staff Picks


Gaylene's Picks

Disaronno Velvet  Italian

Tasting Notes: A new product, perfect for those who love creams with an intense aroma: the distinctive taste of the most popular Italian liqueur in the world takes on unexpected nuances. Incredibly smooth, Disaronno Velvet masterfully and harmoniously mixes the distinctive imprinting of classic Disaronno, which has won over generations, leaving its mark with velvety notes.

Price: $34.99


Gaylene's Picks

Moet Rose Champagne  France

Tasting Notes: On the palate, the wine shows a juicy intensity of berries (strawberry, raspberry, red currant) rounded out by the fleshiness and firmness of peach and the freshness of a subtle note of mint.

Price: $82.99


Gaylene's Picks

Mavam Passion  spain

Tasting Notes: MAVAM is a coined word that means delicate, fine, and glamor. At first, it's just sparkling wine, but by turning the bottle, it turns into glittering sparkling wine! Birthdays, Christmas, parties, girls-only gatherings, barbecues, and moments with your dear partner. The taste and aroma of Blackberry. When you turn the bottle, the base light purple changes to silvery purple. There is no doubt that it will be exciting at summer beaches and outdoor parties. This product is perfect for the coming season.

Price: $21.99


Gaylene's Picks

Casa Viva pinot noir  chile

Tasting Notes: The colour is dark, bright red. The aromas show ripe black cherry, cola, white pepper, and the lovely scent of walking through the forest in fall. The palate is fresh, alive and of light to medium weight. The texture is soft which allows the aromas to express themselves as flavours on the palate. The finish is juicy, somewhat silky, but totally delicious.

Price: $18.99


Gaylene's Picks

Jagermeister cold brew  Germany

Tasting Notes: I tried the new Jagermeister Cold Brew recently and it was way better than I initially expected! It has that original Jagermeister taste, with a nice kick of coffee and the best part was the smooth chocolate my finish. I had it straight up out of my freezer as a shot and also mixed it with lemonade. So good.

Price: $37.49


Gaylene's Picks

Beefeater Gin Blood Orange  London

Tasting Notes: Fresh citrus flavours of blood orange tune perfectly with the classic notes of juniper and citrus of Beefeater Gin. The result is a bold finely balanced contemporary London gin with zesty notes of blood orange. Enjoy over ice with tonic, and garnish with a wedge of fresh blood orange.

Price: $31.99


Gaylene's Picks

Tempo Gin smash  vancouver

Tasting Notes: I definitely wouldn’t ever order a gin and soda drink at a restaurant, just not my thing. This Tempo Gin Smash has definitely made me re-think gin and soda. These are actually so refreshing and tasty! They’re basically a gin and flavored soda drink (not sweet or sugary, think of flavored sparkling water like bubly but mixed with gin). There’s four flavors, strawberry lemon, lime, lemon mint and grapefruit. I like strawberry lemon best, second is the grapefruit, third is the lemon mint and my least favorite was the lime. They’re all light, bubbly crisp and they also don’t have a ton of alcohol but the gin itself seems to be quite high quality (very smooth).

Price: $3.49


Gaylene's Picks

Pink Whitney  California

Tasting Notes: Pink Whitney starts with the Original New Amsterdam Vodka base made from the finest grains, distilled five times, and filtered three times. Lemonade flavors and certified colors are blended before bottling at 60 proof. It pours to a cloudy pink lemonade color. The aroma is sweet lemonade with an ethanol backing. The intensely sweet entry is part lemonade part lemon Pixie Stix. The flavor builds to a lemon peel and yellow Sour Patch Kids peak. It fades with tart sugar dipped whole lemon flavor, and finishes candy sweet with lemon peel, and grain vodka taste.

Price: $32.49


Gaylene's Picks

Vecchio Amaro del Capo  Italy

Tasting Notes: Made at the Caffo distillery in Italy to an old family recipe, the Vecchio Amaro Del Capo is a richly aromatic liqueur featuring 29 different Calabrian herbs and roots. This finely-tuned blend results in a liqueur full of earthy, wonderfully bitter flavours (part of which comes from the quinine in the recipe). The recommended serving temperature of this liqueur is -20°C, so enjoy it chilled after dinner to make the most of this classic amaro.

Price: $41.99


Gaylene's Picks

Baileys Espresso  IRELAND

Tasting Notes: Bring the spirit of Ireland to any celebration with Baileys Espresso Crème Irish Cream Liqueur. Our 34 proof liqueur offers the taste of fresh ground espresso beans on top of Irish cream and chocolate that ends in a smooth, classic Bailey's finish. The blend of spirits and whiskey uniquely preserves the classic taste of the Irish cream and is perfect in coffee or in a hot chocolate. Simply pour over ice cream for an indulgent dessert

Price: $36.99


Gaylene's Picks

Ciroc White Grape  France

Tasting Notes: One of the newest additions to their brand, the Ciroc White Grape Vodka doubles down on the brand’s grape-based expression by combining their famous vodka with the crisp and lush flavors of French white grapes. Each batch of this vodka begins with "snap frost" grape varietals namely Mauzac Blanc from the Gaillac region of France and Ugni Blanc from the Cognac region which are distilled five times to create a clean, clear, and exceptionally smooth spirit. This spirit is then infused with the flavors of French white grapes and other natural flavors before being cut with pure water and finally bottled.On the nose, the vodka yields a pleasing aroma of lemon, buttered pastry, and hints of medicinal notes, paving the way for a crisp palate consisting of licorice, citrus, grapey notes, and herbal undertones before wrapping up with a silky and satisfying finish.

Price: $58.99


Gaylene's Picks

Beso Del Sol Red Sangria  spain

Tasting Notes: A rich royal purple color and the nose has a sweet earthy aroma with citrus and pear and apple notes. On the palate, the fruity profile changes ever so slightly featuring plums and cherries and a touch of citrus. It tends to want to wander in the direction of the sweetness but is pulled gently back by a bit of tartness that balances the palate nicely.You could even add some fresh fruit to spice this baby up a bit more, and adding a few ice cubes wouldn’t hurt it either.

Price: $8.99


Gaylene's Picks

Carmen Gran Reserve Pinot Noir  Chile

Tasting Notes: Founded in 1850 Vina Carmen is Chile's oldest winery, well known ever since for its contemporary style. Its Grand Reserve range underlines the purity and intensity of each variety grown in a specific terroir, and hows Chile's great diversity. Origin: The grapes were sources and handpicked in our 'El Pacifico' Vineyard located in the coldest part of the prestigious Leyda Valley, only 8 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. Style: Pinot Noir, of intense red color, was aged for 10 months in oak barrels. With aromas of red and black fruits as well as mild floral notes, the wine shows a good structure on the palate, dominated by its fresh fruit and soft tannin's that contribute to its long and persistent finish. Of medium volume, it will develop an attractive bouquet and evolve well in the bottle preserving the terroir character.

Price: $24.99


Gaylene's Picks

Cigar Box Pinot Noir  Chile

Tasting Notes: This is a stunningly great price for this Chilean red wine made from old vine hand-picked Pinot Grapes. Aromas of sweet cherry and berry with some smoke. Pair with veal and roast chicken.

Price: $16.99


Gaylene's Picks

Gemma Di Luna Pinot Grigio  Italy

Tasting Notes: Gemma di Luna Pinot Grigio reveals everything that is so loved in Veneto Pinot Grigio - fresh, fruity, light and crisp with plenty of acidity. Aroma for this wine include white peach and mango taffy with a taste of sweet yogurt, lime zest, and underripe strawberry

Price: $18.99


Gaylene's Picks

McQueen Violet Fog Gin  Brazil

Tasting Notes: This gin is clear, with a distinctly sweet candied lemon peel fragrance. The soft palate finishes with mild violet jazzed up by white pepper and a hint of coriander. Tailor-made for an Aviation.

Price: $50.99


Gaylene's Picks

Villa Wolf Rose  Germany

Tasting Notes: This nonvintage wine is another dellcious new idea from Ernst Loosen. It is made in a style that is true to the Pinot Noir grape, which produces the most elegant and delightful sparkling wines in the world. A very enjoyable and invigorating rosé Sekt. The perfect drink to welcome friends or to enjoy outside on the patio.

Price: $19.99


Gaylene's Picks

Crown Royal Peach  CANADA

Tasting Notes: Launched in February 2019, Crown Royal Peach Flavored Whisky is a limited edition release. The brand's signature whisky is blended with "the sweet and flavorful taste of juicy Georgia peaches." Recommended serving on the rocks or with iced tea. Bottled at 70 proof. TASTING NOTES "The aroma of this flavored whisky is filled with ripe peaches including the skins. Some barrel spices make it through, but the nose is all about the peach. The whisky is not entirely overwhelmed on the palate, but it's close. There's a little heat from the proof and the finish is more sweet-bitter than bittersweet. Make sure to adjust for sweetness in mixed drinks. Try adding to an Arnold Palmer on a sunny afternoon.

Price: $38.99


Gaylene's Picks

ciroc Red Berry  France

Tasting Notes: Ciroc vodka is distilled from grapes using fruit from both the Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc wine grapes. It was one of the first grape-based vodkas on the market causing no small amount of controversy in the spirits world. The vodka is distilled to minimum specifications of alcohol levels to maximize the grape aromatics and flavors.

Price: $58.99


Gaylene's Picks

Chandon Blanc  california

Tasting Notes: Blanc de Noirs is characteristically marked by cherry, currant and strawberry aromas and flavors. These red fruit flavors build in the mid-palate and finish with a soft, lingering creamy texture.

Price: $33.99


Gaylene's Picks

Brinley Gold Coffee Rum  U.S

Tasting Notes: The only coffee flavored rum sold in the US. Blended with natural Brazilian coffee. Notes of butterscotch, toasted marshmallow, toffee.

Price: $47.49


Gaylene's Picks

Cherry Pie  California

Tasting Notes: The palate is full-bodied in texture, showing bountiful notes of raspberry jam, baked strawberries and a hint of cherry cola atop cocoa flavors and powdered tannins. The mid-palate shows layer upon layer of cranberry, dried rose petal and vanilla, carrying to the finish.

Price: $32.99


Gaylene's Picks

Ciroc Black Raspberry  France

Tasting Notes: This flavored vodka extension from the French vodka brand infuses black raspberry and other natural flavors with their flagship grape-based vodka. Cîroc Black Raspberry is a limited edition released fall 2018, in time for the holiday season.

Price: $58.99


Gaylene's Picks

JP. Wiser's  Canada

Tasting Notes: Spicy, citrusy , and lightly sweet - full of orange and spices - clove and a big kick of cinnamon. Light oak, vanilla, and light Canadian whisky spices hold the whisky together between the vibrant orange and the tingling spices. The finish is a battle between cinnamon and orange. Really nice on a hot day . This fits really well alongside in your beer cooler during a BBQ. I can't help but compare. The BarChef project produced a cocktail which you could serve in a high end cocktail bar, but this is more your standard bar old fashioned (and it's better than many I've had in bars!).

Price: $33.99


Gaylene's Picks

Rum chata  Caribbean

Tasting Notes: Rum Chata is a combination of five-times distilled Caribbean rum and the freshest real dairy cream with a touch of Madagascar vanilla, cinnamon, and other secret spices from around the world. Uniquely flavourful, light & creamy.

Price: $29.99


Gaylene's Picks

campari  italy

Tasting Notes: Lots of light floral notes on the nose with hints of herbal aromas. A developing bitterness on the palate, but rather fresh with some fruit and herb flavours coming through. Creates a long lingering finish. Ice 1 ounce Campari 2 ounces orange juice (no pulp) 1 ounce sparkling water

Price: $30.99


Gaylene's Picks

Brockman's Gin  United Kingdom.

Tasting Notes: I love this gin. It's very smooth, almost a little sweet. Great flavor. Smooth enough to sip straight, un-chilled but makes a very tasty martini too. it has berries, juniper, blueberry and blackberry flavor notes.

Price: $56.99


Gaylene's Picks

Suspect Series Syrah cabernet  Canada

Tasting Notes: Lots of berries but not sweet. 60% Syrah & 40% cabernet . Nice and smooth with a long finish. Great flavor, best to age for another couple of years (if you have the self control).

Price: $52.99


Gaylene's Picks

LA Pinta  Mexico

Tasting Notes: La Pinta has a surprisingly fresh and complete taste profile and can quite literally be chilled and poured straight into the glass as a perfect cocktail. The ultimate smoothness of Clase Azul silver tequila blended with pure and rich pomegranate flavors combine into the most delicious spirit… Appropriate for a sipping martini, rocks cocktail and even a chilled, neat shot.

Price: $59.99


Gaylene's Picks

Don Simon sangria  Spain

Tasting Notes: A sangria on a hot sunny day is incredibly refreshing. Whether you serve up carafes with this goodness at your next party or add a recipe tag and resent it as a gift, there’s many ways to celebrate this refreshing summer beverage.

Price: $14.49


Gaylene's Picks

rosso Nobile chocolate   Germany

Tasting Notes: ROSSO NOBILE al Cioccolata is a noble red wine with finest chocolate aromas. The intensive flavor of dark berries and the soft vanilla notes of red wine are carefully blended with finest chocolate aromas to create an irresistible taste experience. Be seduced twice by ROSSO NOBILE a Cioccolata – casual evenings and romantic hours will turn into moments of true pleasure.

Price: $17.99


Gaylene's Picks

Carmen Grand Reserva Carignan 2014  Chile

Tasting Notes: Intense deep purple colour . Elegant nose showing red fruits, cassis and graphite. fresh palate,great texture, soft yet vibrant tannins. Pairs well with risottos or game meats

Price: $20.99


Gaylene's Picks

Le Coq D'or Pineau des charentes congnc  France

Tasting Notes: The Hardy Pineau Blanc Le Coq d'Or is a delightful way to enjoy the 'little brother of Cognac'. A classic Pineau, created with all the passion and knowledge that Hardy Cognac are famed for, this is a drink to be enjoyed in many ways. Enjoy over ice or with a mixer, or it's especially good as a component in a cocktail. Black Le Coq d'Or also pairs exceptionally well with desserts - try it with a Tarte Tatin or a Red Berry Pie.

Price: $18.99


Gaylene's Picks

Blazon  California

Tasting Notes: A passionate expression of a great Lodi Pinot Noir. This wine creates a lasting impression with substantial flavors and aromas, yet has a delicate palate. Perfectly balanced, medium bodied flavors of black currant accented with a hint of spiciness. Deliciously smooth, rich, and velevety for a sensational finish. This wine is wonderful straight out of the bottle, but has complexity to improve over several years. Pairs well with grilled salmon, roast beef, chicken cooked in red wine, or any dish that features mushrooms as the main flavor element. Some additional food that match well as Pinot Noir are roasted and braised preparations of lamb, pheasant, and duck, as well as grilled, meaty fish such as salmon, shark and swordfish.

Price: $17.99


Gaylene's Picks

Bogle Zinfandel  California

Tasting Notes: Greeted with sun-ripened raspberries and freshly ground white peppercorns on the nose, this Zinfandel is saturated with flavors of red berries and cranberries. Laced with a hint of savory herb in the background, the traditional tones of juniper lead to a full and ripe finish, while 12 months of aging in two year old barrels wraps the wine in spicy oak and a touch of vanilla wafer.

Price: $26.99


Gaylene's Picks

Trader Vic's Macadamia nut  US

Tasting Notes: The first thing you notice about this spirit is the bottle. It's a heavy glass decanter-style bottle with a sturdy stopper. A very nice presentation. Upon opening, the scent of toasted nuts is immediately apparent. It's a very pleasant aroma, like roasting chestnuts at Christmas time. Its Very smooth and buttery, with a prominent flavor of sweet nuts and a hint of vanilla. It has a silky texture that makes it go down very easily, despite an alcohol content of 26.5% (53 proof). Creamy Crispy Crunch 1 oz. Trader Vic's Macadamia Nut 1 oz. Trader Vic's Coconut Rum 1 oz. Irish cream Coffee Mix liquors and add coffee. Top with whipped cream. sweet, nutty and delicious.

Price: $37.99


Gaylene's Picks

Carmen gran res carignan  Chile

Tasting Notes: Intense deep deep purple colour. Elegant nose showing red fruits, cassis and graphite. Fresh palate, great texture, soft yet vibrant tannins. Pairs well with risottos or game meats.

Price: $20.00



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