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Staff Picks


Georgie's Picks

Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey  Ireland

Tasting Notes: I know what you're thinking...... I'm a wee white dog choosing a whisky named Yellow Spot! We hounds enjoy sniffing yellow spots - get a lot of information on who's in the neighborhood! But a Scottish dog choosing an Irish Whiskey is even funnier! However, to honour our Irish cousins and recognize they too make lovely whiskies, I've selected this one as it's quite delicious. From County Cork, 46 ABV, single pot still, aged 12 years in ex Bourbon, Sherry & Malaga casks. On the nose - sweet barley, and floral with vanilla, honey and orange blossom. Lavender and apricots, hints of baked pear and my favourite shortbread! It's silky and layered. Slightly dry and tannic, with hints of brown sugar and caramel.

Price: $125.99


Georgie's Picks

Kilchoman Machir Bay Single Malt Scotch Whisky  Scotland

Tasting Notes: In these cold, frozen snow covered months, I've been dreaming of a good beach to dig my claws into and kick up some sand! This whisky from Islay is reminiscent of just that. Pours a vivid pale gold; the aromas immediately hit your nose with notes of smoke and brine, reminiscent of a seaside bonfire. Digging deeper, one finds integrated aromas of crisp apple, lemon peel, dried heather and honey. On the palate, it is smooth and pleasantly warm, with a lovely marriage of sweet and smoky flavours, from the aging in Bourbon casks. If you can't have a bonfire on the beach, bring one home in your glass!

Price: $85.99


Georgie's Picks

The Glenlivet Caribbean Cask  Scotland

Tasting Notes: My Master has never taken me to the warm sunny beaches of the Caribbean to run around and chase waves, so I have to be content with playing in the snowbanks here and warming up with a wee dram after my walkies. This has a ripe tropical fruit flavour, with brown sugar and cinnamon and banana flavours, imparted from the aging in Caribbean rum casks. Very enjoyable on a cold December evening! So, if you're not heading to the south seas for the holidays, this dram may be the next best thing! Slainte!

Price: $65.59


Georgie's Picks

Highland Queen " Majesty" 16 Year Old  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Ahh! the leaves are starting to turn, and fall, the air is crisper, and as a wee white dog with a double coat of fur, I like the nip in the air and the smells on my autumn walks! It reminds me of my ancestral highland home..... It also is a good time to pull the cork on a new whisky to try after an invigoration walk on the river trails. This one, Highand Queen has a rich and mature nose, with notes of dry fruit, chocolate and spices and a hint of shortbread cookies (my favourite!). To taste, it is sweet, full and exceptionally well rounded. The flavour is initially of toffee and barley sugar, with a hint of smoke and pear flavours. This is an easy going dram, and perfect for New Scotch Drinkers. Slainte!

Price: $79.99


Georgie's Picks

Roaming Dog Riesling  Washington, USA

Tasting Notes: I chose this wine (instead of a whisky this month) because it's describes as sweet and energetic. Just like me! It's pays homage to another dog who also likes to chase squirrels, but hey, with a paw print on the label and bright, juicy citrus aromas of pear, jasmine and honey I couldn't resist. It’s a classic example of a Columbia Valley Riesling and incredibly versatile. Try it with chicken or pork or just sipping with a cheese appetizer after an afternoon walk. Who says you can't drink white after Labour Day?

Price: $27.49


Georgie's Picks

Lot 40 Canadian Rye Whisky  Canada

Tasting Notes: As a wee white Scottish Dug, I generally prefer to select whiskies from my homeland. But, as I've adopted Canada as my home, I'm choosing a lovely Canadian Whisky this month. The ultimate expression of Canadian Rye Whisky, Lot 40 is 100% rye grain that is made the old-fashioned way – distilled in a traditional copper pot still one batch at a time to preserve the notes that truly define rye whisky. This is a completely delicious rye that manages to capture the herbal, fruity, and spicy notes of the grain all at once. Lot No. 40 combines a rich, full flavor with a very soft mouth feel and understated alcohol, making it approachable yet satisfying. Very good in cocktails such as Manhattan, Old Fashioned and Apple of My Rye. Slainte! Cheers!

Price: $45.99


Georgie's Picks

On Vacation  Scotland

Tasting Notes: I'm exercising my "It's a Dog's Life' motto and taking the month off. Too hot for me to sip wee drams. Prefer my long walks on the trails, sniffing new friends at the dog park and relaxing in the cool grass under a tree. Cool, clean water for me this month, oh and the occasional lick of vanilla ice cream with my humans. Enjoy your Dog Days of Summer too! Woof!

Price: $0.00


Georgie's Picks

Glenmorangie Giraffe  Scotland

Tasting Notes: As a wee white, short Scottish dog, I'm in awe of taller creatures. The giraffe has long been this single malt’s spirit animal. After all, every drop of the Glenmorangie’s delicious whisky is created in stills as tall as these majestic creatures. But although the giraffe is loved at the Highland Distillery and across the globe, few people are aware of the threats it faces in the wild. Numbers have fallen by 30% in just 30 years – and some types of giraffe are now critically endangered. Glenmorangie has forged a ground-breaking partnership with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the world’s leading charity dedicated to conserving the animal in the wild. Furthermore, by showcasing three of its most-loved whiskies The Original, The Lasanta or The Quinta Ruban in giraffe-print gift tins, Glenmorangie invites whisky fans old and new to join in raising a glass to the giraffe. Your second sip, raise a glass to me!

Price: $75.99


Georgie's Picks

Fettercairn Highland Single Malt 12 Year Old  Scotland

Tasting Notes: The colour of sunlight and amber honey in your glass, tasting of pears and vanilla and soft spices, aged 12 years in American oak ex-Bourbon casks. Refreshing nectarine and tropical fruit, with subtle roasted coffee, clove, and ginger. A memorable finish of sultanas and black toffee. Named after a small village in Aberdeenshire, at the foot of the Grampian range perfect for robust walks in the crisp highland air, just the way we Westies like it! Slainte!

Price: $88.99


Georgie's Picks

Compass Box Oak Cross Whisky  Scotland

Tasting Notes: A rich, medium-bodied blended malt Scotch whisky, OAK CROSS combines vanilla characters from American oak and spicy, clove-like characters from French oak. Sourced from three single malt distilleries; one for its ethereal fruity character, one for its enchanting perfume and one that lends a complex and substantial structure to the blend. As a female Westie, and it's International Women's Day in March, I have chosen a distillery that has Lady Whisky Makers, a rarity in a male dominated industry! We girls are forces to be reckoned with, I know I'm an independent miss, I like to bark my mind, and I'll be the one to ask for cuddles and tummy rubs when I want them!

Price: $$74.99


Georgie's Picks

Ardbeg Monsters of Smoke Trio Pack  Scotland

Tasting Notes: These incredible monsters of the whisky world are set to wreak flavor wherever they go! The threesome of 200 mls includes the 10 Year Old Original Giant, then An Oa - in this wee bottle, discover a sweet and subtle smoke that scuttles all over the palate. Then the Wee Beastie - It is said to be a feisty young creature, untamed by age. Witnesses have spoken of its distinctive nose and formidable bite. Intensely raw and mightily smoky, it’s the youngest of its kind ever to stalk the whisky world. Almost sounds like it's describing me, the Wee White Dug! Woof!

Price: $67.99


Georgie's Picks

Robbie Burns  Scotland

Tasting Notes: It's Scotland's Poet Laureate Birthday this month so I'm raising a toast with The Robert Burns Single Malt! It's light, aromatic, can be enjoyed before or with a meal. It's a very versatile dram, like me the Wee White Dug, as can be sipped straight, with a bit of water, over ice or in a Scotch cocktail. Slainte!

Price: $57.99


Georgie's Picks

Tobermory 12 Year Old Isle of Mull  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Natural colour and non-chill filtered, matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks, Tobermory has a vibrant, fruity and spicy character with a subtle, salty edge. This Hebridean single malt has sweet, honeyed aromas of vanilla, ripe oranges and delicate flowers. The palate offers notes of fresh citrus, apples and tropical fruits, followed by creamy toffee, floral honey and a subtly, salty undercurrent. It's perfect for chilly December nights curled up in front of the fire after a snowy romp on the trails!

Price: $82.99


Georgie's Picks

Black Burn Reserve Single Malt Whisky  Scotland

Tasting Notes: If you're looking for a good everyday wee dram of whisky, this is it! Definitely over delivers for it's modest Scottish price. The Whisky is a light golden colour, has a well-balanced flavour with hints of spice and vanilla. It's bright ,spicy malty sweet tones with a warm aftertaste. Perfect after a good walk in the autumn leaves and brisk air!

Price: $43.49


Georgie's Picks

Scotch Sour Cocktail  Scotland

Tasting Notes: It's summer time and I thought I'd experiment with a seasonal twist on Scotch! The classic scotch sour is little more than an upgrade to scotch on the rocks. It's also a brilliant way to enhance some of the softer aspects of a great whisky. The mix is as simple as adding a touch of fresh lemon juice and shaking the two ingredients. Every scotch is going to require a different amount of citrus, and finding your preferences is half the fun. It's perfect after a run in the park chasing my ball!

Price: $Depends on the Scotch


Georgie's Picks

Craigellachie 13 Year Old Single Malt  Scotland

Tasting Notes: A vibrant gold colour, with enticing and forward butterscotch candy aromatics, supported by notes of white grapefruit, hay and smoke. On the palate it is easy-drinking and mellow, with light smoke flavours and honeyed sweetness. The finish is clean and gentle, with lingering citrus pith and vanilla spice. I know this will be a winner at the firepit with my Hoomans! Woof!

Price: $$79.99


Georgie's Picks

Royal Brackla 16 Year Old  Scotland

Tasting Notes: As I'm considered The Queen in our household, I love all things Royal! This is the first distillery to be allowed to use the 'Royal' title, and in 2015 saw it get its own range of single malts. Part of the Last Great Malts series, the 16 Year Old is finished in first-fill oloroso sherry casks and is sweet and spicy, with a hint of smoke in the mix, too. It was a real hit at our Robbie Burns Whisky Tasting last week! Full fruity notes of dry sherry without being overly sweet. Quite dry. Malty cereal grains and dried fruits. Bit of prune and baked fig. Coats the inside of the mouth like a fine amaretto. Dryness carries over into the finish. Cocoa nibs arriving late. Burn of medium to light intensity, but lasts a fairly decent amount of time. 40% ABV. Great after a day walking in the snow!

Price: $139.99


Georgie's Picks

Kilchoman Machir Bay & Sanaig Whiskies  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Two 200ml size bottles of exquiste whisky to enjoy this dreary January! For me, I"ve been enjoying all the walkies I get as my humans are around more thanks to the nasty Pandemic. After my walks, I enjoy a nice wee dram. This month, I'm trying two new ones from Islay. Machir Bay is a lovely expression from Islay's farm distillery. Matured in ex-bourbon barrels and Oloroso Sherry butts, resulting in a well-balanced flavour profile, with highlights of vanilla biscuits, light fruit and wafts of warm peat smoke. In Sanaig’s case, it’s an extra 10 months of aging in oloroso sherry casks, with the remainder being ex-bourbon. For younger whiskies they are excellent, and come in this handy two pack to try both!

Price: $78.99


Georgie's Picks

Glenmorangie Original 10 years  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Seriously tasty stuff. Labeled as The Original, this flagship offering from Glenmorangie shows just how good a baseline offering can be when you take your time to craft a quality product. It's light, fruity, malty and has depth of flavor that is hard to beat at its age and for its price. Love a wee dram to warm me up after a frolic at the Dog Park!

Price: $74.99


Georgie's Picks

Glenfiddich Project XX  Scotland

Tasting Notes: In spite of me not being asked to weigh in on this......... 20 of the whisky industry’s most exceptional minds came together to create this truly unique, pioneering single malt expression. With its deep golden hue, Project XX embodies the warm, fruity character of a classic Glenfiddich whisky with hints of apple blossom, summer fruits and ripe pear. But its multiple personalities are revealed with hints of sweet candyfloss, cinnamon spice, almonds and rich port tannins with the odd whisper of liquorice. Deep and mellow, the finish is long lasting with a lingering sweet oakiness. Goes with my various traits and characters and perfect for the encroaching fall weather! Woof!

Price: $108.99


Georgie's Picks

Father's Day This Month!  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Since I've had my paws walked off these past few months while my Humans have been home more, I'm taking the month off! But, if you're looking for some good whisky suggestions for Dad, take a look at my previous month's picks. Depending on his style, you can't go wrong with any of these! My Dad will likely want me to take him for a long walk on Father's Day, and I'll be only too happy to oblige! Woof! Woof!

Price: $50-$300


Georgie's Picks

Ledaig Single Malt  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Winter isn't quite over yet, so after my dashes through the snow, which I absolutely love, I like to come home and enjoy something that will warm me up and satisfy my fussy palate. Ledaig is medium gold in colour; aromas of peat, fresh smoke and dried pear; rich sweet flavours with a smoky, peaty, spicy palate; long finish. 46.3% ABV. From the Tobermory distillery on Mull, a Gold Medal winner at the 2008 International Wine and Spirits Competition. I know it's March and St Patrick's Day and all, but as a wee white dog from Scotland, I prefer my Scottish malts!

Price: $78.99


Georgie's Picks

Great King Street by Compass Box Artist Series  Scotland

Tasting Notes: " A good blended scotch for the masses" was the distiller's objective. Containing 50% Lowland grain whisky aged in first fill American Oak barrels, the rest is malt, around 7% from Speyside and rest from 2 Highland distilleries. Aged in combinations of 10% first fill sherry butts, 27.7% oak barrels with new charred French Oak heads and the rest in first fill American ex bourbon barrels. OK, that's the technical stuff, but how doe it taste?? This very pale whisky starts off citrusy and apricots, with dry hay on the nose. Creamy like a creamsicle with waves of vanilla pudding, apricot preserves, marzipan in the mouth. With a medium finish, a little bitterness but wows with the vanilla and marzipan. A wee bit of green apple skins at the end. With a few drops of water, it brings the grass to the nose making the grains sharper, on the palate some smoke is revealed offering meaty peat and charcoal. It's a perfect dram for a chilly November night!

Price: $62.99


Georgie's Picks

Dalmore 15 year Old  Scotland

Tasting Notes: I know it's summer, but the rains in Edmonton haven't allowed me to explore the trails as much this year as I apparently get a wee bit too dirty and muddy. I don't mind, it's the baths afterwards I'm not to keen on! So, to get through the wet summer days, I'm enjoying a few wee drams of this Highland whisky. A favourite expression in the Dalmore stable, this 15-year-old is elegant and smooth, with lipsmacking texture and the flawless balance one would expect from blending maestro Richard Paterson. Matured in Matusalem, Apostoles and Amoroso Sherry casks, it proffers all those winter spice, orange zest and chocolate notes characteristic of Dalmore. Slàinte!

Price: $$129.99


Georgie's Picks

Glenmorangie Tarlogen  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Whisky in July you say! Aye I say! This is the third in the Legend Series and it's a winner. Nose: Creamy and luxurious vanilla. A hint of virgin oak intensity and desiccated coconut. Palate: Chocolatey as it opens, before diving into clotted cream and honey. Finish: Cherry ice cream topped with almonds. A subtle touch of fresh kumquat

Price: $$87.99


Georgie's Picks

Nomad Outland Whiskey  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Nomad is a unique whisky, ( like Me!). A collaboration between sherry producer González Byass and Whyte & Mackay master blender Richard Paterson. A blended Scotch whisky aged for more than five years in sherry butts is shipped to Jerez for further year's ageing in PX casks. It is imbued with the characteristics of the wild, open space of the Scottish Highlands. A new concept that takes the Whisky itself on a journey from its birthplace to the warm and humid plains of Jerez.

Price: $63.99


Georgie's Picks

Game of Thrones House Tully Singleton Glendullan Reserve  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Game of Thrones Fans! Enjoy a dram or two of this while watching your favourite series! House Tully forged strong alliances and built a history of honour, family and duty. Built along the banks of the River Fiddich, Glendullan Distillery originally relied on the waters it lay beside, using a water wheel to power the entire distillery. Like the Tullys themselves, this single malt can benefit from a splash of water, opening up flavours of green apple, honey and sweet vanilla. Aged in ex-bourbon casks, this single malt has a light straw shimmer and a heady opening of Madagascan vanilla on the nose, followed by hints of clove spice. On the palate the initial drive is fresh green apples, then the clove flavour from the nose is there, but accompanied by warm cinnamon notes. The finish slips into a red berry flavour with vanilla and a hint of cherry bakewell.

Price: $$71.99


Georgie's Picks

Bunnahabhain Single Minded Scotch Whisky  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Spring is still good to enjoy a wee dram, especially after brisk walks in the windy, muddy parks which are full of great smells as the snows melt! And, like me (Mum says I'm sigle minded at times!) this Douglas Laing's Single Minded series is a range of Small Batch Single Malts from across a variety of Scotch Whisky regions. This expression, a Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old, has been matured in a refill hogshead. The nose is sweetly scented, gently maritime, distinctly spiced and gristy. On the palate detect lots of rich juicy barley, with a soft oily twist and late burnt fruit. The finish comes with a hint of salt, subtle spices, more cereal and even more spice. Slàinte!

Price: $83.50


Georgie's Picks

Glen Allachie 12 Year Old Speyside  Scotland

Tasting Notes: The much anticipated core range of the GlenAllachie distillery from Speyside was finally launched in July 2018. This 12 Year expression features whisky matured in Pedro Ximénez sherry, oloroso sherry, and virgin oak casks. It opens up with a pronounced butterscotch accompanied by lots of candied banana and honey, as well as pencil shavings and malt.(I know because I ate a pencil once!) The palate is soft and gentle but a tad spicier than how it smells on the nose. The texture is lovely creamy and mouth-coating. A perfect dram after a brisk walk in the late winter snows!

Price: $93.99


Georgie's Picks

Tullibardine Sovereign Highland Single Malt  Scotland

Tasting Notes: A perfect dram to warm you after a playful romp in the snows of January! Adorned with golden detailing, Tullibardine Sovereign is a delicious creamy single malt which was aged in first-fill bourbon barrels before bottling. Expect plenty of vanilla and spice from this Highland beauty.

Price: $81.99


Georgie's Picks

Aberlour A'bunadh  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Original Cask Strength (61.2% APV) Meaning 'the original' in Gaelic, A'bunadh is made in homage to Aberlour's founder, James Fleming and has achieved a cult following among malt lovers. Deep rich amber colour with copper highlights; heady aromas of toffee, smoky brine and peach compote; creamy, sweet and laden with warm toffee and baked fruit notes. Delicious sipping in front of a roaring fire during the wintery Christmas season, my favourite spot!

Price: $139.99


Georgie's Picks

Royal Brackla Cawdor Estate 12 year old Highland Single Malt  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Ahh! History and Whiskey & Royalty! Established in 1812, the Royal Brackla Distillery was granted a Royal Warrant by King William IV in 1833, and therefore bears the name “Royal” on their label as legal designation within the British monarchy. This distinction is shared only by the still currently active Royal Lochnagar and the former Glenury Royal distilleries. Of these three, Royal Brackla was the first to be granted. Amber gold, medium legs. Nose: Strong sherry, malt, oak, light alcohol burn, Palate: Dry sherry, sweet vanilla, almond, spice; specifically distinct ground black pepper notes, lightly oily mouth feel.Finish: Strong pepper notes, fruit and honey aftertaste, very light burn.

Price: $109.99


Georgie's Picks

Dalmore Cigar Malt Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Woof! Now that the temperatures are dropping and even I'm wearing a colourful sweater on my walks, I love this Scotch when I come home from the trails! Deep amber with copper highlights,vinous and fruity on the nose, with additional notes of caramel and burnt sugar; medium-full body, with a light sweetness and a gentle warmth, the texture is full, round and mouthcoating, delivering flavours of caramel, citrus and sweet vanilla. Mum laughs when I lick my lips! ooh! and it comes in a gorgeous red box too!

Price: $145.99


Georgie's Picks

Ardbeg Grooves  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Hailing from Islay, this is one "Groovy" Whisky! Part of the whisky that makes up Grooves was matured in red wine casks that were very well-charred, resulting in heavy grooves in the surface of the wood. A mellow though flavoursome dram. Vanilla fudge, toffee popcorn and tarred orchard fruits rise through a big, salty opening. Savoury BBQ notes of cured Italian meats are percolated by paprika, green chilli and scorched herbs. Antique leather and damp oak form an interesting backdrop.

Price: $149.99


Georgie's Picks

Summer Breeze Scotch Cocktail  Scotland

Tasting Notes: After chasing my ball around the dog park, I get pretty thirsty! So in summer, I like to sip a Scotch cocktail instead of my usual neat Scotch. Here's my favourite! To make muddle 1/4 cup of raspberries, 1/2 tsp. sugar, 1oz favourite scotch whisky, 1 oz of guava nectar (exotic!) and a splash of raspberry liqueur. Place all in a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a doggie dish....oops I mean a glass! Top with a bit of Club Soda, and garnish with a few raspberries and mint! I can lap these up all afternoon! Woof!

Price: $$30.00 - $75.00 depending on the Scotch


Georgie's Picks

Cragganmore 12 Year Old Speyside Single Malt  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Referenced as having the most complex aromatics in Speyside this dram pours a golden amber colour and offers a sweet, peaty, caramel nose that is layered with herbal, citrus, cocoa and floral aromas; medium bodied and malty with hints of sweet wood smoke and sandalwood on a medium length finish. Love getting my little paws on this one!

Price: $91.00


Georgie's Picks

Father's Day This Month!  Scotland

Tasting Notes: After being walked off my feet these past few months while my Humans have been home more thanks to Covid 19, I'm taking the month off. But, as it is Father's Day coming up soon, I was reviewing my favourites over the last year or so and think there's a lot of good choices there. So if you're wanting to buy Old Pops a whisky for his special day on June 21, have a browse through them! YOu can't go wrong. If you still can't decide, talk to one of the Aligra staff and they'll help you select a perfect bottle. As the saying goes "let sleeping dogs lie". I'll be the wee white dog relaxing on the cool grass. Woof!

Price: $50-$300


Georgie's Picks

Isle of Jura Origin 10 Year  Scotland

Tasting Notes: The Isle of Jura is nestled off the West Coast of Scotland - where I come from! It’s only 60 miles from Glasgow as the crow flies, but 60 miles has never felt so far away. With only one road, one pub, one distillery and one big whirlpool, Jura is as beautiful as it is remote. Which explains why the deer outnumber the 200-strong population by a country mile! I love chasing them too! George Orwell even went so far as to name it ‘the most un-get-at-able place’ while he wrote his classic novel 1984 here. The original distillery has stood in its spot since 1810 but fell into ruin. In 1963, the folks at Jura decided to resurrect it and with it, helped to revive the local community. Jura Origin signifies the rebirth of the Jura distillery and rebuilding of the community; each bottle carries the ancient Celtic symbol for beginnings. Distiller’s Notes: Colour: Warming golden glow. Nose: Soft nuances of American white oak with a smooth, sweet aroma of honey. Taste: A refined, smooth and clean tasting liquid with gentle oak flavours, followed by highlights of caramel and soft liquorice. The warmth of roasted coffee beans lingers long in the mouth. Cheers and Woof!

Price: $67.99


Georgie's Picks

Antiquary 12 Year Old Blend  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Awarded 92 points in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible, I'm sharing this with my Grand Dog Father this weekend. It's a rounded, smooth blend,with a slightly sweet finish that has a mellowness one expects from a well balanced whisky. Each whisky in the blend has been aged minimum 12 years and selected to combine the strengths and subtleties of Scotch whisky at its best. Woof & Cheers!

Price: $49.99


Georgie's Picks

Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whisky  Ireland

Tasting Notes: I know I'm a Scottish Dog! But as a friendly salute to my Irish friends and a toast to St Patrick's Day, I've selected an Irish Whisky this month! Redbreast is a beautifully balanced single pot still Irish whiskey, with a warm, generous texture, rich, sweet flavours and a spicy kick. In the view of many connoisseurs, the finest Irish whiskey available. Besides, it sounds like it's describing me! Woof!

Price: $102.99


Georgie's Picks

Glenmorangie Nectar D'or  Scotland

Tasting Notes: This is a delicious whisky when I'm feeling like some spicy tasting Scottish marmalade, but with a good nip to it! O my nose I smell lime and orange peel, coconut and sultanas, with spice and rich dried-fruit notes. On my palate, Spice up front, with ginger and nutmeg leading to toasted almonds and lemon. Finish: Sweet vanilla and lemon zest fading to white chocolate and spice.

Price: $105.99


Georgie's Picks

Robert Burns Single Malt Whisky  Scotland

Tasting Notes: Robbie Burns, Poet Laureate of Scotland! This single malt is endorsed by the world Robert Burns Federation as an official Arran Single Malt. It's light, aromatic and very versatile. You can sip it on it's own, as a cocktail or paired with a meal. It looks like golden sunshine, smells sweet and cramy, like honey, toffee and pecans, summer fruits. Tastes of the sweetness of apples and citrus. Like the Bard himself, this is Poetry in a Glass!

Price: $54.99



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